WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners In this brief guide, you will learn how to optimize WordPress sites at once you have to make money from the visitors who come. In this section, you will be introduced on SEO and shown some of the steps that need to be taken in preparing the next things. If you have difficulty in understanding some of the terms or jargon, try switching to the “Deciphering the jargon” or “jargon interpretation.”

WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

What is SEO and Why, You Must Make Time Spent?

For those of you who do not know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Basically, a discipline about how to create a search engine, which is often focused on Google, directing visitors to your site or blog that we have. Still confused with the above explanation? Please see image search results with keywords “Guru Privat Jakarta“.

When someone typing in a keyword or keywords field samsung buy online then the search engine will display the sites – sites that match the keywords requested by the person in the search engine pages as seen in the picture above.

SEO is complex and difficult to explain all the things associated with it, so we’ll make this explanation with a simple and easy to understand. The easiest way to explain it is to say that SEO is communication. On the one hand, recognize your potential visitors and communicate in their language (your site visitors). While on the other hand, to communicate with the search engines that your site content is cool deserves both the attention and the reference of the search engines for their (your site visitors). (Kira – something like this we try to define it)

SEO often sounds like something magical, full of magic (mystery), and worth fighting for. SEO is like a voyage across the ocean’s dark where only teachers and experts (master) who is able to steer the ship (or toying with the results of ‘circumventing the system’). Then, when the time could be or strive to enter the ranks of the top 10 search engine page of Google for the most competitive terms in it and maintain your website rankings, maybe it is true.

However, it is not what we will discuss in WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners here. This guide will show you some basic exercises most can begin to earn at least some small, but significant, search traffic (search traffic) that will be incremented while you keep your website optimization.

When discussing about whether you should or not spend time on SEO as a beginner, the blogging community seems divided into two. People who blogs focusing on SEO “can not underestimate the importance of using SEO”, while those who are active in social media and networking, can be said to ignore it.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen some interesting charts that show that traffic is guest blogging (a blog) change with better search traffic / search traffic, the potential volume was slightly different. Although the guest posts (guest posts) may carry several hundred, even thousands of visitors, traffic potential lifetime (lifetime traffic) to rank a single posting a different coverage. Even for some of the search terms that very little of which only gets 30 searches a day, the search will be thousands of potential visitors each year (and, of course, fortunately did not need to do networking / cold email). So, let’s dig deeper into the SEO WordPress!

It has been optimized WordPress SEO?

algoritma google terbaru
The answer, could be “yes” could be “no”. The correct structure is an important part of SEO and WordPress has lots of main structures that make their content more attractive to search engines. With some extra plugins, as an example of a WordPress SEO by Yoast, you can tick a lot of boxes with just a little effort. However, there are some things that should be done more or less manually, at least for now. As to optimize the appearance of your website and make sure that your website may be loading as quickly as possible. google algorithm Or using header tags properly when you write website content. And make sure that your content is truly useful and can generate one or three “share / share” and one or two backlinks.

But it is not true if no one is searching for what you wrote at the same time when you attempt to write the content.

Although Google has made some progress when recognizing content that is useful to users even when the search term is not similar to the keywords you use, there is still no real substitute for this keyword research. No matter how optimal your website pages, if no one is looking for writing that you did (according to the keywords that you shoot), then there will be no one would find him even though the content is the top ranks. (So do not be too proud of the first rank for a keyword match with the name of your website. Although this can be helpful in assisting the previous visitors to return to your site, but you may not get new visitors.)

The point is this, let’s say your website is gurulesprivat.bestalmamater.com, when you or another person typing the name of your website (keyword) “Best Almamater” or “Bestalmamater” in the search engine pages then chances are your website will appear on the first page of a search engine, it could be on the order No. 1.

Although the website you’re in first place but many people are not familiar with your business, so it’s no good you are in the first place because no-one search engines look for keywords plus another person not familiar with your business. So use a keyword as well as in guru privat bestalmamater, guru privat ke rumah, etc. so that you have a new visitor each day.

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  2. I believe, WordPress is to blogging is like Google is to web search… Your list of top wordpress powered websites is surely a motivation for more bloggers to switch to it!

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